What is the release date for Rite of Life?
We're targeting 2018. However we're taking the approach that it is done when it is done.
All we can promise is that we're working on the game every day.
Why should I pre-purchase Rite of Life rather than wait for the game's release?
You can pre-purchase Rite of Life for cheaper than the price of the game on release. Most importantly however is every penny made through pre-purchases will be spent on further improving Rite of Life. With your help we'll be able to make Rite of Life better!
If I pre-purchase Rite of Life, does that include a Steam code?
Yes, you'll receive a Steam code as well as your DRM-free copy.
How many developers are working on Rite of Life?
There are three full-time developers at Rebourne Studios & one freelancer, Benedict Nichols who is the Composer & Sound Designer.

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