What is the release date for Rite of Life?
We're targeting 2021-2022. However we're taking the approach that it is done when it is done.
All we can promise is that we're working on the game every day.

Why should I pre-purchase Rite of Life rather than wait for the game's release?
You can pre-purchase Rite of Life for cheaper than the price of the game on release. Most importantly however is every penny made through pre-purchases will be spent on further improving Rite of Life. With your help we'll be able to make Rite of Life better!

If I pre-purchase Rite of Life, does that include a Steam code?
Yes, you'll receive a Steam code as well as your DRM-free copy.
How many developers are working on Rite of Life?
There are three full-time developers at Rebourne Studios & one freelancer, Benedict Nichols who is the Composer & Sound Designer.