The Battle Plan Update

Despite our hard work during the interview stages of Dare to be Digital we have unfortunately not been successful in our endeavours. But do not fret, for we have a plan!

Our time spent in the Dare to be Digital selection process has taught us a lot of valuable lessons and has provided us with some vital information that will help us develop as a company over the coming months.

Most importantly we have been given some rather pleasing feedback from the industry professionals that interviewed us. They liked the concept of the game very much and thought that we were a very motivated team (spoiler alert, we are). They also commented saying that they could see our game on Steam one day, so, y’know, that’s our new end goal for Timeless Venture. We’re going to use the amazing feedback we received from the judges to push forwards because, well, we’re pretty damn motivated now.

Firstly we’re going to push for three and a half months of solid development on Timeless Venture; in order to produce an early build of the game with many of its core mechanics in place. We then plan to take this early build of Timeless Venture to some key tradeshows around the UK so that we can gauge the target audience’s reception of the game in its current form.

In order to measure the effectiveness of us attending these trade shows we are also planning to set up a Kickstarter campaign that will run all the way from the start of October till the end of the month. Our hope is that we can raise enough money to cover our operating costs and therefore allow us to further develop the game, full time, during our placement year.

To accompany the Kickstarter page we will also be setting up a Steam Greenlight page to help us on our way to getting accepted onto Steam, the largest digital distributor of video games on the PC, and, hopefully, prior to the completion of Timeless Venture, be accepted onto the store.

And there you have it. Our battle plan certainly contains some hefty tasks but we are most certainly up to the job. It’s going to be an exciting and important next few months for Skybourne Studios and as always we thank you for your support.

Sayonara, Robert White – Technical Director

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