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Upgrade Your Spaceship  

Choose how you upgrade your spaceship with the humans you collect. Increase your ship's capacity, hit points & develop new technology such as shields and bombs. 

Arcade Shooter Gameplay  

Challenging bullet hell inspired gameplay. Dodge loads of projectiles & environmental hazards whilst shooting enemies & beaming up humans. A true test of your reactions, accuracy, timing & decision making. 

Unlockable Planets  

Upgrade your Command Centre to discover more planets to visit and ‘extract’ resources from. Each with their own unique environmental hazards. 

Multi-Phase Boss Battle  

Old school style multi-phase boss battle. When you think that you have the boss beaten, then he pulls out another surprise for you! 

Multiple Endings  

Two different endings depending on if you can defeat the Intergalactic Warlord. 

Exclusive Steam Features  

Achievements, Trading Cards & Overlay support.

Concept Piece
Planet Choice
Planet 3
Planet 1 Tutorial
Mothership Tutorial
Planet 1 Shooting
Boss Fight
Lava Planet
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